Playing The Angles

By Don Skypeck

Utah Style & Design, Fall 2017

Using trapezoidal shapes and streamlined design, a talented team turns a small Kayenta kitchen into a fabulously formed and functional space.

Rendering: Amid Red Rock Wonders

By Robert Kaufman

Western Art & Architecture, June/July 2017

Based in St. George, Rob McQuay contributes to a changing architectural landscape in Southern Utah

Park Place

By Natalie Taylor

Utah Style & Design, Summer 2017

Erik and Sally Ryberg enlist architect Rob McQuay to devise a Springdale sanctuary that captures the scenic beauty of Zion National Park

Taking Flight

By Robert Kaufman

Utah Style & Design, June 2015

Inspired by a winged butterfly, a vibrant St. George residence proves contemporary design has a home in Utah's southern desert.

50 US Architects

By Damir Sinovcic

Design Book, March 2012

McQuay Architects has been selected to represent the state of Utah in the upcoming 50 US Architects.

Naturally Inspired

By Brad Mee

Utah Style & Design, Sping 2009

In deference to Utah's dramatic desert, Elizabeth Rad and her talented team create a stunning St. George home

Architect by Design: Meet Rob McQuay

By Patrick J Lisi

Southern Utah Home & Garden, Spring 2008

When Rob McQuay left Park City, Utah in 2003 to design homes for the Split Rock Property Group at Entrada of Saint George, little did he know that his architecture would become one of the most coveted products in Southern Utah.

View Master

By Brad Mee

Utah Style & Design, Winter 2008

Photography by Scot Zimmerman and Danny Lee

In a cliffside home, bold architecture and stunning vistas merge to create a stylish residence for a St. George couple. "We find peace in the squareness of the house," says Marianne Ferraro of the dramatic dwelling

Making the Rounds

By Brad Mee

Utah Style & Design, Winter 2006

Photography by Scot Zimmerman

Some people collect art, others live in it. For impassioned scientists, the red rock bluffs and sprawling lava fields of Southern Utah's Snow Canyon National Park

Desert Art

By Don Skypeck

Utah Style & Design, Winter 2008

Photography by Scot Zimmerman

Variety is said to be the spice of life, and for designers and architects, the chance to flavor their work with something new is always welcome

Southern Comfort

By Brad Mee

Salt Lake Magazine, October 2006

Photography by Scot Zimmerman

Utah's desert inspires a personalized retreat for homeowners George and Dianna Archuleta